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Paint Protection Film for Confident Driving and a Safe Car

Do you want a car finish, that looks like you just drove off the lot? Paint protection film is your perfect go-to-solution! Whether flying rocks, bird droppings, sand, salt, or more are not very pleasant things for a car – paint protection film can effectively protect your car! We offer multiple finishes, innovative 2-in-1 products, and go-to favorites, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product, and enjoy your ride!

Paint Protection Film Can Be Applied to Any Exterior Painted Surface

Paint protection film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle. A short explanation: the automotive paint protection film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage. Some of the examples are:

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure
Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film

Auto Spot offers paint protection film services that fit your car, your budget, and your lifestyle. From drivers looking for just a basic protection to those who want a bit more of a luxurious finish, our auto shop has an excellent choice of paint protection options available for cars, trucks, and SUVs of every make and model.

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